About Us


Cathy Singleton ASN


Cathy is a licensed Aesthetician, certified Compounding Herbalist, Sacred Touch Practitioner/Third Degree Reiki Master and a CE Approved Provider (for massage therapists in TN). Cathy graduated from Cincinnati State, graduating cum laude, with an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. After working in surgery for over ten years (four of which were in plastic and reconstructive surgery) she decided to obtain a license  in esthetics  and start her own business. Cathy uses a very natural holistic approach to skin health and stress relief, she also compounds many of the products she uses.

Dealing with lupus Cathy realized how detrimental stress is to our lives and she started looking for ways to reduce daily stress through holistic healing modalities. After studying the methods and techniques of hands on healing at The Pilgrimage under the auspice of Reverend Beck, an Episcopal priest, Cathy created “Sacred Touch.”  Sacred Touch is a profound form of stress relief that Cathy not only incorporates into her practice but teaches the process   to others.

Gary Singleton OPA, LMT


After attending David Lipscomb college Gary spent the next six years at Baptist Hospital in Nashville TN. training as an Orthopedic Surgical Assistant. The next five years he worked and trained as an Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant in a large private practice. Gary opened his company, Orthopedic Surgical Assistance Inc., soon after and spent the next twenty four years in Orthopedic and Neurosurgery as an OPA Surgical Assistant. His specialties included Total Joint Replacement, Reconstructive and Corrective Spinal Surgery. Gary also worked with a major medical equipment company as a design and surgical implantation consultant.

Gary retired after thirty five years in the medical field and has now entered the Alternative Health Care field. He has completed 1000 hours of study and clinical work in the field of Clinical Therapeutic  Massage along  with a certification in Orthopedic massage. Gary has also completed a three year course as a Homeopath at the Nashville School of Homeopathy.

Specializing in Orthopedic Massage and Integrative Muscle therapy, Gary works with individuals who suffer from joint pain associated with muscular dysfunctions, acute chronic neck and back pain, muscular spasm or painful trigger points. other therapies include procedures for TMJ, Tinnitus, Headaches/Migraines, Carpal Tunnel, tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Rotator Cuff problems, Shoulder Impingement and many other orthopedic conditions.





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